Private tour Christian jeusalem

Excursions to christian Jerusalem

Excursions to christian Jerusalem  among representatives of various faiths,Orthodox or Catholics or Protestants, have become one of the main points of the excursion program of visiting Israel, being essentially a pilgrimage to holy places.

 Those are the historical places where the last days of the Savior's life, its crucifixion, burial and miraculous resurrection took place. One can not forget the last path of jesus and the legendary Gethsemane garden in which Jesus spent his last night praying.

Every Christian, irrespective of his religious affiliation when visiting Israel, should include in his program three main areas:

Excursions to christian Jerusalem  are very powerful and give you a chance to touch the holy sites .


For travelers arriving in the country through the air gate, individual excursions to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv will be the best option. This format will be to the taste of people who value comfort and unhurried acquaintance with sights through a live dialogue with the guide.

In addition, a licensed  English-speaking guide with transport, unlike a taxi, will provide you with the closest parking spaces to tourist facilities, saving you from grueling hikes in the heat.


I'm your personal guide in Tel Aviv. My author's excursion programs will allow you not only to visit all the most important sacred places for Christians, but also to learn a lot of fascinating legends and stories that you will not hear in the template sightseeing tours and documentary films.

All individual tours to Jerusalem are made by me in accordance with your preferences, possibilities and the regime of life.

 as i am personal guide in Jerusalem, will guide you through the legendary Cross Way, according to which Christ carried his cross to the Golgotha. Passing by each of the 14 stops, we will literally touch the walls of houses, remembering these tragic events of two thousand years ago. You will learn unknown facts and hear about the mystical events connected with the Dear Sorrow of Via Dolorosa.

Equally interesting and rich spiritual life will be visiting the Mount of Olives, which is associated with many biblical events, but primarily with the Last Supper. Today,  Church of All Nations, in the courtyard of which grow olives older than 2000 years, which means that they still "remember" the night before Christ's arrest.

At the foot of the mountain erected no less revered by the Christians of the Holy Family, where the Virgin is buried, in the chapel with its coffin there is a miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Jerusalem, which is tacitly called the "Mother of All Icons."

One of the main temples in the Christian religion can be called the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, erected on the site of the burial and resurrection of the Savior. Every year on Holy Saturday, preceding the Orthodox Easter, a miraculous acquisition of the blessed fire takes place here.

I will help you to know the wonderful and diverse world of this ancient and holy city without excessive fuss and tourist haste, I will introduce you to the real authentic life of Jerusalem, and I will give recommendations and advice that will help make your stay safe and unforgettable.