The Golan Heights and the Spiritual Zefat

Excursions to Safed, Excursions to the Golan Heights

Excursions to Safed - the city of Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism, ancient synagogues and quarters of artists, will discover for you the unexplored Israel. Traveling along the Golan Heights, you will feel the harmonious combination of the multi-thousand-year cultural heritage, the diversity of spiritual life and the natural parks that enchant your beauty.

I am a personal guide in Tel Aviv and I am ready to offer you a fascinating tour to Upper Galilee and the capital of the Golan - the town of Katsrin. We learn a lot of fascinating stories and mystical legends of Safed - one of the four most revered in the Jewish religion of cities.

Private  tours  to Safed and Katsrin  are recommended by the Ministry of tourism 

Safed Located at an altitude of more than 900 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountain peaks of Safed strikes the purity of its air and picturesque landscapes. The city itself is famous for its unique architecture, distinct from other Middle Eastern cities.

In Safed, the teaching of the Kabballah was born, and the number of wise men and the righteous was so great that such lines were written about this place: "A city of holy, wonderful and terrible wisdom, resting in living land."

From the height of the plateau, we can tour without much fuss of tourist groups the beauties of Tiberias Lake, the Mediterranean Sea and the snow-capped summit of Mount Hermon.

Specially designed by me author's one-day excursions to Safe dwill allow you to fully experience the depth and grandeur of the wisdom of the Jewish people and to touch the sights, the age of which is estimated for thousands of years.

Tour of the Golan Heights is not conceivable without visiting a young but not less interesting city of Katsrin, which became the center of Israel for the production of wine, olive oil and natural cosmetics based on olives. We will visit wineries and taste the best sorts of Israeli wines.

In addition, the capital of the Golan Heights is interesting archaeological sights in open parks and museums, as well as a plant for the production of silver products.

Traveling along the Golan heights, we will definitely visit the Banias park, where we will walk along the stone paths paved yet by the Romans, enjoy the picturesque wildlife and admire the fascinating waterfalls and caves, one of which is the ruins of the temple of the ancient Greek god Pan, in honor of which this name ancient city.


However, Banias received its fame thanks to the source of one of the most famous rivers on the planet - the Jordan.

I am your personal guide in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and I will do everything to make your trip as comfortable as possible due to its main advantages:

Excursions to Safed from Haifa and Ashdod for tourists arriving by sea start directly from the port terminal;

The licensed  English -speaking guide with transport is not only the absence of a language barrier, but also the closest parking facilities;

The program planning is carried out taking into account your wishes and possibilities.

 I will provide you with a truly fascinating excursion, where you will not hear standard encyclopedic templates, but completely immerse yourself in historical beliefs, mystical legends and literally taste this northern region of Israel.