Haifa, Acre, Rosh HaNikra Nature Reserve

excursions to Haifa, excursions to  Akko, excursions to Rosh-a-Nykra

Saturated with historical and natural sights, excursions to Haifa, Akko and the Rosh-a-Nykra geological reserve will open for you a new Israel - modern and youthful, full of centuries-old cultural heritage and a variety of natural beauties.

I am your personal guide in Tel Aviv, suggest to make fascinating individual tours to Haifa and try to unravel all the secrets of the fortress of the Hospitallers and the ancient port city of Akko, who remembers the battles of Alexander the Great, King Richard the Lionheart, Crusader campaigns and walks along the Napoleon embankment. In addition, we will visit:

The Magic Bahai Gardens in Haifa;

Colorful east market;

Preserve of karst caves and grottoes of Rosh-ha-Nykra.

When planning individual excursions to Haifa from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, do not forget that to travel around the region with its many attractions is best on a comfortable car.


A licensed private  English -speaking guide with transport will be your best option for an excursion to the northern capital of Israel and getting to know the historical and natural sites of its surroundings. I will provide you with not only comfortable travel around the country and attractions, but, unlike taxis, as close to the parking facilities.

We will see the modern metropolis that is unusually green for the Middle East climate, keeping pace with the times and honoring the historical heritage, national color and cultural identity, which you can fully experience in the eastern market.

The Bahai Gardens, striking with their magic beauty, will conquer your heart and soul with your paradisiacal pacification. I will help you feel not only the aesthetic elegance of these terraces erected on the grave of the founder of the youngest Bahá'í religion, but fully experience harmony and peace of mind without the unnecessary fuss of numerous tourist groups.

It is difficult to imagine excursions from Jerusalem to Haifa without visiting the unique nature reserve of Rosh-ha-Nykra. As the Israelites joke about this place: "We just cut out the caves, tamped the stones with dust and colored the water with turquoise paint." And in fact, it's hard to believe that such beauty was the result of simple, non-handmade erosion processes.

Do not forget about the gastronomic sights of this hospitable city. I am your personal guide in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and I will help not only to make the tour comfortable and truly cognitive, but also insanely delicious and authentic.