Baptism in the Holy Land Qasr Al-Yahud

Baptism in the Jordan river today has become one of the mandatory items of pilgrimage tours of Christians of various faiths. However, even a simple tourist, whether he is a Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant, arriving in Israel for an ordinary tourist purpose, also seeks to visit Qasr Al-Yahud and perform a great sacrament - baptism in the Jordan River.

For several millennia, since the time of the First Jewish Temple, the waters of the Jordan were considered sacred and purifying the soul, but the river received the greatest fame after the Baptism of Jesus Christ. 

I am a licensed personal guide in Israel and I want to make your visit to Israel not only full of historical events, mystical legends and fascinating contemplation of centuries-old attractions, but also filled with spiritual values ​​of this truly Holy Land.

During the excursion program we will visit the Judean desert with its ancient monasteries, including the monastery of St. Gerasim, as well as participate in the ceremony of baptism in the Jordan River with the opportunity to plunge into its sacred waters.

Qasr Al-Yahud is located directly on the border with Jordan and today is the site of the annual mass pilgrimage of Christians from all over the world to the great feast of the Epiphany. Every year on January 19, during the celebration of the Prayer of the Patriarch of Jerusalem, pilgrims observe an amazing phenomenon - the reversal of the current of the Jordan.

This section of the river is considered by all Christian denominations to be the true site of the Savior's baptism. Today, anyone who wishes can plunge into the sacred waters of the Jordan any day in a specially equipped Yardenit, where all conditions for safe entry into the holy river are created.

I am your personal guide in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and I will do my best to make your pilgrimage tour as comfortable and safe as possible thanks to the main advantages of the services of the licensed guide:

An excursion to Qasr Al-Yahud for baptism in the Jordan takes place in a  luxury  car that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Tourism;

For tourists arriving by sea to the port of Haifa and Ashdod, the car is served directly to the ladder of the liner at the port terminal;

For the duration of the tour, all tourists are insured.

 I will help you feel all the power and sanctity of this sacred river for more than half the population of our planet.