Nature and animals in the center - safari tour

If you are tired of lengthy tours around Israel, and your head is pretty full of a lot of historical information about the sights of the Holy Land, Safari in Ramat Gan will become for you not only a pleasant holiday, but an amazing discovery of the diverse and amazing world of wild savannah of the African savannah.
Safari park in Ramat Gan is located on the territory of more than a hundred hectares directly in the most densely populated region of Israel and has become a center of world importance for the breeding of rare and endangered species of animals.
The Zoological Center of Safari in Ramat Gan has collected more than one and a half thousand animals from all over the world, but the most popular among visitors of any age are car trips through the territory where wild predators and herbivores coexist together without cells and enclosures.

I am a personal guide in Tel Aviv and I want to invite you to a fascinating world of wildlife to experience a lot of positive emotions from contemplating a measured life and harmonious coexistence of majestic lions and elephants, hippos and giraffes, antelopes and zebras, as well as hundreds of bird species and various reptiles.
My personal tours in the Ramat Gan Safari are tailored individually for your lifestyle and wishes. We will sail slowly with a comfortable car on the "African savannah", walk around the zoo with enclosed enclosures and be sure to enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the park with its amazing and diverse flora.

You will see royal lions during the hunt for artiodactyls, elephants with their cute elephants, hippos and rhinoceroses, as well as amusing monkeys and curious ostriches at arm's length. However, do not forget about safety and observance of rules of conduct with wild animals, because Safari Park in Ramat-Gan is their home, in the territory of which they are full-fledged owners.
I'm a licensed personal guide in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I suggest you make an exciting tour to Israel's largest zoo and take advantage of the work of a professional individual guide on the car:
Excursions to Safari Ramat Gan from Haifa and Ashdod for tourists arriving by ship, start directly from the port terminal;
A comfortable car that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Tourism;
Insurance of tourists.
I will help you discover Israel on the new side and see the diversity of its flora and fauna, as well as feel all the power and beauty of the wilderness of Africa and the Middle East.