Tour Monasteries of the Judean Desert

Excursions to Monasteries of the Judean Desert, Excursions to Jericho

Excursions to Jericho will allow you to touch the antiquities and sights of the city, the history of which already counts more than 10,000 years. It is the oldest city in the world, continuously existing for hundreds of centuries.
I am your personal guide in Israel and Jerusalem and I propose to make an exciting excursion to the monasteries of the Judean Desert, which can be safely called a pilgrimage tour for Christians of any denomination. I possess the license of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel and the licensed comfortable transport, due to which:
Excursions to Jericho from Haifa and Ashdod for tourists arriving in the country by sea, start directly from the port terminal;
The parking closest to the tourist facilities is provided, the entrance to which is forbidden for taxis.
Individual excursions to Jericho with a guide by car.
We will visit Christian monasteries in the Judean Desert, the most famous of which is rightly the men's monastery of Caranthal, which is located halfway to the top of the Temptation mountain. This name keeps a memory of the New Testament events that occurred with the Savior during his forty-day fast.
It was here, according to the devotions, that Jesus was tempted by the devil-tempter. One of the most important shrines of the monastery of Caranthal is the stone where Christ prayed, and the cave where he spent all forty days of fasting.
We will also visit the Eliseev spring and the famous house of Rahava, the harlot, who hid two spies sent by Joshua in it. In Jericho itself, we will visit the place of the house of Zacchaeus, the head of the tax collectors, and see the tree of the fig tree that has survived to this day, to which he ascended to see the Savior.
Continue our fascinating pilgrimage excursion to Wadi Celt and the Judean Desert by visiting the monastery of St. George, which is located on a narrow ledge resembling a shelf, quite steep rocks five kilometers west of Jericho. The foundation of the monastery dates back to the fifth century and in its oldest part in the chapel of John Hozevit the floor mosaic of the times of the foundation of the laurel was preserved.
Visiting the monastery of Wadi Kelt and the monastery of St. George, we will be able to literally feel the times of the formation of the Christian church.
The end of our tour will be a visit to Qasr al-Yehud - the true place of the Lord's baptism in the Jordan. This city is on the border with Jordan and every year in January it becomes the center of Christian pilgrims who wish to perform the great sacrament - baptism in the Jordan River.
I am your personal guide in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and I will do my best to make this journey remain in your heart only with warm memories and filled it with the centuries-old spiritual heritage of this Holy Land.