Private tour to Fortress of Massada and the Dead Sea

Excursions to the Dead Sea, as a rule, are associated with the majority of tourists with unique SPA-resorts, procedures, cosmetics based on healing mud and direct bathing in the waters of this amazing and incredibly salty lake.

I am your personal guide in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and I am ready to open this unique region of Israel to you from a new historical perspective. My author's excursions to the Dead Sea from Tel Aviv are filled with non-standard information, stories about heroism and thousands of years of legends.
We will visit the unique historical monument of the fortress of Massada, located in the middle of the desert at the top of the cliff, we will visit the equipped beaches and swim in the waters of the Dead Sea, and also try to figure out what attracted the Egyptian queen Cleopatra to whom Mark Antony conquered these lands.

One of the main historical sights that we will see during the fascinating excursion to the Dead Sea from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is the legendary fortress of Massada.
Constructed at the junction of the eras by Herod the Great, this serf building became an example of immense heroism and pride. After Jerusalem fell under the onslaught of the Romans, the fortress was held for more than three years by its inhabitants, who, even after the fall of the defense, did not surrender to slavery and committed suicide.
In memory of the vivid example of heroism, steadfastness and courage, the soldiers of the elite army of the Israeli army take their oath every year in the walls of the citadel.
During our tour we will visit the unique nature reserve of EinGedi, which is a picturesque oasis right in the middle of the Judean desert. Here, nature has created a beautiful landscape with waterfalls and streams, leopards and ibex, which live in the reserve in natural conditions.
We can not only fully enjoy the landscapes of the oasis, sung in the "Song of Songs" of King Solomon, but also swim in the waters of the second largest waterfall in the country.

In addition, we have the opportunity to visit the open-air museum of Qumran, in the caves in which the manuscripts of the book of the Apocalypse were found, as well as visit the famous rock towering on Mount Sodom, with a column of rock salt, "Lot's wife".
During my individual tours you can see the main advantages of the services of a licensed personal guide:
Excursions to the Dead Sea from Haifa and Ashdod for tourists arriving by boat starts directly from the port terminal;
Unlike a taxi, I will provide the closest to the parking facilities, where entry is forbidden by private transport;
The excursion program is made individually according to your wishes.
I am a personal guide in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and I will do everything to make your rest easy, comfortable and incredibly cognitive.