The old city of Jaffa and modern Tel Aviv

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A fascinating excursion to Tel Aviv and Jaffa will strike you with a unique contrast between the deep historical heritage and the architecture of the city ahead of its time, which, according to the Israelis themselves, "never sleeps."

I am your personal guide in Tel Aviv and i want to show you all the charm of the secular capital of Israel with its historic streets and ultra-modern neighborhoods, with the amazing architecture of Jaffa and the breathtaking spirit of its wealth by the diamond exchange.

The  English -language excursions in Tel Aviv and Jaffa are full of live information, do not contain boring and facts, but are full of fascinating stories, legends and ancient legends that you will not read in books and see in movies. But the main thing is how the licensed tour guide differs from the group tours:

Excursion to Tel Aviv and Jaffa is made according to your preferences and regime of life, without necessarily visiting uninteresting museums for you;

For comfortable licensed vehicles, the closest parking spaces are provided.


Being young enough, Tel Aviv has an authentic historical neighborhood in Neva Zedek and Nahalat Benjamin. Walking along the ancient streets of these areas, we can enjoy the beauty of authentic architecture and decorated with elegant mosaic of the fountain N. Gutman.

My excursions around Tel Aviv include leisurely walks along the rich and incredibly beautiful Rothschild Boulevard. We will enjoy the architecture of the White City (Beauhaus) and visit a number of interesting museums, in which everyone will surely discover something new in the history, culture and way of life of the Israeli people.

The ancient city of Jaffa, which entered the city line of Tel Aviv, will allow us to more deeply immerse ourselves in history and the centuries-old cultural heritage with its monuments of architecture and town-planning.

More than 4000-year history of Jaffa is inextricably linked with the ancient Greek myths about Andromeda, which here on the rock was sacrificed to a terrible monster, the construction of Noah's Ark, the conquests of Alexander the Great and Napoleon.

Individual excursions in Tel Aviv are hard to imagine without walking through the historical part of Jaffa, which today has become a solid tourist area. The population of these quarters arepeople of various creative professions, which could not but leave a peculiar imprint on the appearance of architecture. Fascinating installations, such as "floating" in the air a living orange tree, have long become tourist attractions with worldwide fame.

No less popular attraction of the secular capital of Israel was the diamond exchange in Tel Aviv. The exhibition halls of the leading diamond manufacturers captivate the spirit with the beauty and richness of these noble stones. I will lead you an exciting excursion to the diamond exchange and tell you what diamonds are preferred by the stars of the world's show business.