Private tour Underground Jerusalem

Underground Jerusalem tour

Unlike walking on the ground part of the holy city, the Jerusalem subterranean excursion is saturated not so much with the beauty of architectural and cultural-religious sites, as with the centuries-old archaeological layering of history.
I am a licensed personal guide in Jerusalem and across the country and I want to invite you to make an exciting tour of the underground Jerusalem. During the tour we will visit two archeological parks - "Davidson Center" and "City of David", built on the site of excavations of the ancient city of Ievus, we will see the foundation of the western wall, walk through intricate tunnels and visit the cave under the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
The author's excursion to the underground Jerusalem, compiled by me, does not contain template encyclopedic descriptions, with dates and events. I suggest you plunge into the abyss of fascinating legends, mystical beliefs and secrets of the holy city, in which almost all ancient civilizations left their mark - from the Babylonians and Egyptians, to the Romans and Greeks.

Individual excursions to the underground Jerusalem are a lifetime opportunity !

To know Jerusalem is not enough just walking through its ancient streets and visiting architectural sights, which we can read in the Bible parables. In a literal sense, entering Jerusalem into the underground city, we will be able to abstract from the present, from the bustle of the technological century and completely surrender to the knowledge of the holy land at the level of feelings and emotions.

The archaeological park "Center Davidson" located at the foot of the Temple Mount will reveal the history of the creation and destruction of the Second Temple, the traces of which and part of the foundation have been preserved to our days.
Located in the old city, the Wailing Wall is another reminder of the First and Second and the hope for the acquisition of all the Jews of the Third Temple. Here we will be able to experience the power and sanctity of a place that has been plentiful for centuries and to visit tunnels under the Wailing Wall, plunging into the history of three and a half thousand years ago.
We will visit the observation point over the Kidron Valley stretching between the Mount of Olives and the Temple Mountains. The valley is famous primarily for its mention in the sacred writings of Jews, Christians and Muslims, as a place where the trumpet of the archangel resurrects the dead to the Last Judgment.
The next archaeological park, which we will visit, will be the "City of David". Excavations of archaeologists have been discovered for us by the ancient Jebusian city, which later became Jerusalem.
I am a licensed English -speaking personal guide in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and I will do everything to make your trip filled with pleasant surprises, offering you:
Live and rich excursions to the underground Jerusalem, planned individually, traveling by a luxury car and comfort .

Meeting tourists who arrived by sea to Haifa and Ashdod, directly at the port terminal.
I promise you that it is necessary to try, see and visit, so that acquaintance with the Promised Land remains in your heart forever and only with warm memories.