Tour Ctalactite caves and monasteries of the Judean Mountains

excursions to Christian monasteries, excursions to Ein Karem

Christian monasteries around Jerusalem today have become one of the main points of not only pilgrimage, but also tourist visits to Israel by travelers from all over the world.

Neighborhoods of Jerusalem are known not only for their man-made religious sights, but also for their original natural objects, among which the stalactite cave Sorek, amazing in its beauty, reveals for us the amazing world of stalactites and stalagmites.

I am your personal guide in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and I want to offer a fascinating and spiritual excursion to the monasteries of Jerusalem in the Judean Mountains, as well as to the natural reserve Sorek. During the tour, we will discover not only the cultural and spiritual heritage of Israel, but also the beauty of the geological attractions of this truly Holy Land.

Personal excursions to the monasteries around Jerusalem and the cave of Sorek  are unique and fascinating.

Studying the holy places of Jerusalem in Ein Karem, we will slowly visit Catholic and Orthodox, including Russian monasteries: 

  • Female Gornensky;
  • John the Baptist;
  • The Sisters of Zion; 

Also, you and I will have the opportunity to visit many ancient churches that are equally important in the spiritual and architectural-historical terms.

The female Gornensky monastery in Ein Karem is associated in Christianity with the birthplace of John the Baptist, and also the meeting of the Mother of God with the mother of the Baptist Elizabeth.

In Arabic, the name of this region sounds like a "source of grapes." The picturesque and incredibly peaceful nature of these mountain slopes is favorable not only for spiritual development, but also for acquiring spiritual harmony with nature.

After getting acquainted with the Christian shrines of the neighborhoods of Jerusalem, we will visit the unique stalactite cave Sorek in its own way. Like quaint trees and fairy-tale castles formed by the finest millennial work of mineral water, majestic stalagmites and stalactites form columns, statues and bas-reliefs up to 15 meters high.

The excursion to Sorek cave and monasteries in EinKarem is planned taking into account your personal preferences, possibilities and a mode of life. My excursion program does not contain a monotonous presentation of facts, but full of fascinating stories, legends and beliefs, which you will not read on the Internet and in historical literature.

 I am a licensed personal guide in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and I will show you the true beauty of the Holy Land in a literal and spiritual sense without unnecessary tourist hassles.