The "CROWN" of the tours in Israel is absolutely one, Jerusalem the one and only city among various faiths Christians-Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant.

As a private tour guide in Israel, the Christian Jerusalem tour is my favorite tour, it's always exciting and I discover every time something new together with you. 

Jerusalem has become one of the main destinations of the tours in Israel, is essentially a pilgrimage to holy places.

 Those are the historical places where the last days of the Savior's life, its crucifixion, burial, and miraculous resurrection took place. One can not forget the last path of Jesus(Via Dolorosa) and the legendary Gethsemane garden in which Jesus spent his last night praying before he was taken to prison.

christian jerusalem tour

Every Christian, irrespective of his religious affiliation when visiting Israel, should include in his Christian Jerusalem tour the following:

1. The dome of the ascension -this is the place where Jesus ascended to heaven.

2.Paternoster-this the location where Jesus taught our father prayer.

3. Dominus Flevit-where Jesus cried over Jerusalem.

4.Gethsemane garden-a beautiful garden where Jesus prayed for the last time and was arrested by the Romans.

5. Church of all nations, built by Antonio Bellucci one the greatest builders in Israel during the 20th century, inside the church, we will be able to touch and to pray at the same place where Jesus did it.

6.The Coenaculum –room Of The Last Supper, Built Over The Site Where Jesus And The Disciples Celebrated The Pentecost.

7.Dormition Abbey – The Dormition Of Mary, Where Mary Was Taken To Heaven.

At the footsteps of the mount of olives, we will be able to see on the Christian Jerusalem tourthe tumb of  the Holy Family, where the Virgin is buried, in the chapel with its coffin there is a miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Jerusalem, which is tacitly called the "Mother of All Icons."

I am your private tour guide in Israel and I will guide you through the legendary via Dolorosa, according to which Christ carried his cross to the Golgotha. Passing by each of the 14 stops or stations, we will literally touch the walls and the spots, remembering these tragic events of two thousand years ago. You will learn unknown facts and hear about the mystical events connected with the tragic moments of Via Dolorosa.

One of the main temples in the Christian religion can be called the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, erected on the site of the burial and resurrection of the Savior. Every year on Holy Saturday, preceding the Orthodox Easter, a miraculous acquisition of the blessed fire takes place here.


My clients who select the Christian Jerusalem tour are ofter asking to see not only the Christian holy sites but also Jewish or Muslim sites, and I'm as a licensed tour guide in Israel specializing in Christian sites always willing to make the extra mile to achieve the full picture.

My advice on this Christian Jerusalem tour is never skipping other places to see such as the western wall or the dome of the rock, they are extremely important and you will be surprised how eventually everything is connected,


Christian jerusalem tour

As your private tour guide in Israel, I will be able to provide you the opportunity to touch and to feel the holy sites. 

For travelers arriving in the country through the air gate, a Christian Jerusalem tour from Tel Aviv or the airport will be the best option. This format will the best option for people who value comfort and unhurried acquaintance with sights through a live dialogue with a guide.

In addition, a licensed  English-speaking tour guide with transportation in Israel, unlike a taxi, will provide you with the closest parking spaces to tourist facilities, saving you from grueling hikes in the heat. 

My author's Christian Jerusalem tour will allow you not only to visit all the most important sacred places for Christians but also to learn a lot of fascinating legends and stories that you will not hear in the template sightseeing tours and documentary films.

All the private tours to Jerusalem are made by me in accordance with your preferences, possibilities, and the regime of life.


christian jerusalem tour


I will help you to know the wonderful and diverse world of this ancient and holy city without excessive fuss and tourist haste, I will introduce you to the real authentic life of Jerusalem, and I will give recommendations and advice that will help make your stay safe and unforgettable.

Please make sure to leave so spare time on the Christian Jerusalem tour since we will stop to eat at one of the local places and enjoy a cup of the famous Jerusalem coffee to start the day or to finish it.




This tailor-made Christian Jerusalem tour is the best option for people who want to explore Jerusalem from the Christian perspective, as a private tour guide in Israel I offer a very flexible intensity according to your needs, the touring program can be adjusted just for you by the number of the locations to visit or the duration since it is a private tour you can choose the time and the date without limiting yourself or adjusting yourself to a group tour.


I hope you enjoyed reading my Christian Jerusalem touring program, for more daily tours in Israel please press here.


see you soon!