Exciting and incredibly rich tour along the coast to Caesarea, Haifa and Akko

the coast of the Mediterranean sea gives us the option to enjoy a lot of fresh air, unlike other crowded places with many people and noise. I will open for you a new Israel with its cultural heritage from the times of the Roman Empire, the Templars, and the Ancient Greek period, and I also open to you the wonderful world of the youngest Baha'i religion.

Caesarea, Akko and the northern capital of our country, as the people call Haifa, must necessarily include three main directions: 

  • Caesarea -named for the Roman Caesar Octavian and the eponymous historic-archaeological park;
  • Walking through the fortress and tunnels of the Hospitallers in the ancient city of Akko;
  • Visiting the magical Bahai Gardens. 

If you want to select Caesarea, Haifa and Akko tour, you should consider that it is most convenient to move around the region and narrow streets of cities with a tour guide in Israel on a car that has all the permission of the ministry of tourism and transportation. I will provide you with not only a live program but also the closest location to the parking facilities, which a regular car or a taxi can not offer. 

I am your tour guide in Israel and I propose to make a trip to this hospitable and very interesting region of Israel. My author's individual Caesarea, Haifa and Akko tour from Tel Aviv or any other city do not contain a monotonous presentation of well-known information but are filled with living legends, fascinating stories, and tales of mystical events.

Having spent a whole day in Caesarea, Haifa, and Akko in a leisurely acquaintance with the history of the Roman government of Judea, we will visit the places where the palace of one of the most famous Procurators of Rome, Pontius Pilate, we will walk through the halls of the Crusaders and tunnels of the Hospitallers in Akko with a length of more than 350 meters that lead from the Templar fortress to the port.

Walking in Akko along the stone paths paved by the Romans, we will try to unravel all the secrets of this ancient port city, along the quays of which the foot of King Richard the Lionheart, the emperor of Napoleon and Alexander the Great's comrade-in-arms Ptolemy stepped.

Feel the whole color of the mixture of ancient civilizations, religions, and cultures best in the eastern market. Here we can feel and even taste the centuries-old cultural heritage of the cradle of mankind.

Visiting Haifa will surprise you with the unusual abundance of greenery and saturated with modern life for Israel. However, the most important sight of the northern capital is the Bahai Gardens in Haifa.

These magically beautiful terraces are located on the slope of Mount Carmel on the grave of the founder of the Baha'i religion. Persian gardens have become a truly new wonder of the world and represent a unique architectural complex consisting of harmoniously planned flowerbeds, quaint flowerpots, and fountains. The Bahai gardens of Israel will amaze you with incredible calmness and harmony.

I am your tour guide in Israel and I will do everything to make our trip to the north of Israel finally fall in love with you in this holy for more than half of humanity land.


Please read a brief summary of the locations that we will visit during the day: 

1. Caesarea is a great Ancient port and harbor build by the great king Herods during the first century BC, the city was named in honor of the Roman emperor Cesar the great, King has begun constructing the city in 22 BC is a deep-sea harbor, The king constructed a classic Roman city including markets wide roads famous Roman baths storerooms, toilets, hippodrome, and of course Roman theater
The Palace of the king was big and located right on the water including a pool of fresh water, in the Roman city as a citizen or just a visitor you had the opportunity to enjoy the public buildings' sports competitions, gladiator battles, and theatrical productions in the theater.
The construction technique was very progressive for the period of the first century BC, he used volcanic ashes in big wooden boxes which were placed in the waters to create the fundament and the base of the port In the Waters, Today we call it cement.
When Caesarea became a part of the Roman empire, Caesarea replaced Jerusalem as the capital and the official residence of governors like puntos pilate who judged Jesus.
In the Christian tradition Peter, the apostle came and baptized Cornelius The centurion and his household, the first time Christian baptism was conferred on Gentiles.
During the Byzantine period, Caesarea became the capital of Palestine prima. 
During the Muslim period, The city was not important anymore and the city became like a small administration as part of the Muslim empire.
The Crusade period began at the beginning of the 12 century, the Crusaders were led by the king Baldwin the first and took over the city and controlled the location on the coast.
Salah-Adin Took over the city in 1187 but later it was recaptured again by the Crusaders.
During modern times the excavations were funded by the great Rothschild family and today we can enjoy a beautiful Roman city.
There is a museum presenting a short movie about the history of the city and the great king Herods and also in the exhibition of different items which were found in Caesarea.