Tipping in Israel
Visiting a New destination without being familiar with the local traditions and customs especially when it comes to money and tipping may be very awkward. If you Are traveling to Israel this article will provide great information about the costs of different services and how much you should tip for it.
Tipping in Israel is very common and basically a part of generous Israel’s culture, there is no rule about tipping but on the other hand, sometimes traditions are stronger than rules.
Tipping in Israel -Hotels 
While checking in your hotel, plan on tipping the bellboy around 10 shekels or 2 USD, The bellboy is someone that you will see you every day and he can help you with great tips and suggested places.
The doorman in case you’re checking in a respectful or five-star hotel usually will be an older man, show some respect and plan to tip between 10 and 20 shekels(5 USD) on your first arrival to the hotel, this man will smile every time you come In and will upgrade your experience in your hotel.
Your room is your home during your vacation, you want to keep it extra clean, tipping your maid between five and 10 Shekels(3usd) every day will make a big difference, or just leave some small change left in your pocket after every day, this is the difference between clean room and extra clean room.
The concierge desk is usually helping with reservation bookings, in case you feel they were really helpful you can tip around between 5-10 % from the service.
Tipping in IsraelTipping tour guides in Israel
Tipping tour guides in Israel is very common, often Private Tour-guide Services including the tips in their salary, but it’s not obvious and usually, you should tip private tour guides in Israel between 10 %-20%, since they spend a lot of time guiding you and dedicate their attention only to you.
Traveling by bus and a big group of people the average tip is between 5-7 USD dollars to the tour guide and an additional 5-7 USD to the driver every day.
This is a very small number but makes a big difference to the staff and eventually the quality of the service during a long trip.
Tips at restaurants in Israel
Dining in an Israeli restaurant is one of the great experiences during your trip to Israel, the food is great and always fresh, the average tip in a restaurant is 10%, if you are extremely satisfied you can leave between 12 and 15%, The staff will be very grateful.
Paying the bill by cash or credit card doesn’t make any difference, but the tip should always be in cash since we have many places in Israel who can’t give the staff their tips from the total bill paid via credit card.
Fast food outdoor trucks or small Takeaway restaurants are usually not tipped but it’s up to you.
Tipping your driver in Israel
During a short ride from the airport to your hotel tipping the taxi driver or your private driver in Israel can be a very nice gesture, using the services of a driver in Israel for many days probably requires a 10% tip at the end, the driver can be very helpful since he is local and knows the places around.
Israel is a multicultural country and a place visited by many people every year, the local currency is the Israeli shekel but the service industry excepts dollars and euros.
1usd=3.5 shekels
1euro=3.8 shekels
Remember, Tipping in Israel is not a rule! Eventually, it’s up to you but try to leave a good impression.
Enjoy your visit to Israel!